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1 archaic terms for a wedding or wedding feast [syn: bridal]
2 the act of becoming betrothed or engaged [syn: betrothal]
3 the act of accepting with approval; favorable reception; "its adoption by society"; "the proposal found wide acceptance" [syn: adoption, acceptance, acceptation]

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  1. A betrothal.
  2. A wedding ceremony.
  3. Adoption of a plan, cause, or idea.

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Gretna Green wedding, acceptance, adoption, advocacy, affiance, affiliation, aid, approval, banns, banns of matrimony, betrothal, betrothing, betrothment, bridal, bridal suite, bridechamber, chuppah, church wedding, civil ceremony, civil wedding, elopement, embracement, embracing, engagement, epithalamium, espousals, espousement, forced marriage, handfasting, honeymoon, hymen, hymeneal, hymeneal rites, marriage, marriage contract, mating, nuptial apartment, nuptial mass, nuptial song, nuptials, plighted faith, plighted troth, promotion, prothalamium, saffron veil, shotgun wedding, spousal, spousals, support, troth, union, wedding, wedding canopy, wedding song, wedding veil
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